40 Judo Throws — an illustrated techniques book

40 Judo Throws by Nik Fairbrother

40 Judo Throws is one of several books former World Champion and Olympic Silver medalist, Nicola Fairbrother, has produced for children.

It is a 100-page, fully-illustrated guide to the original Gokyo. In this book each technique is broken down into at least four stages, to show the grip, the entry, the lift and the finishing for each throw.

What age group is this book for, you might ask?

“Although the books are visually appealing, bright and cartoon-like, they actually contain high level judo information,” says Nik. “There is something for all age groups. A 5-year old might learn simply from the cartoon illustrations, while an advanced 12-year old judoka will pick up on the nuggets of information and tips, some of which I used while training for my world titles.”

There is also a freebie she’s offering: an online resource for learning 85 Japanese judo words.

(Additional reporting by Nicolas Messner & Esther Stam, IJF)