Who is Huh?

Eteri Liparteliani (GEO), Daria Bilodid (UKR), Rafaela Silva (BRA) and Priscilla Gneto (FRA). These are some of the top names in the -57kg division at the Tbilisi Grand Slam. But it was little-known Huh Mimi (KOR) who made it to the final and won the -57kg gold.

Who is Huh? She is a 19-year-old player from South Korea who last competed prior to the Covid pandemic, in 2019. It was in the 2019 World Junior Championships that she lost in the semifinal to Liparteliani.

In Tbilisi, she faced Liparteliani again. This time, she defeated Georgia’s rising star on her home ground. And in style. She threw Liparteliani with a standing morote-seoi-nage. Though it was only for waza-ari, it was still a spectacular sight to see a player of Liparteliani’s caliber launched into the air like that.

Huh went on to win the final, against Pauline Starke of Germany, with an ouchi-gari. Again, it was only for waza-ari, but it was enough to win her the match.

This was an incredible win for Huh, who prior to this had fought in only two international competitions: the World Junior Championships and World Junior Team Championships, both in Marrakech in 2019.