Judo’s illegal reap

This kind of reaping action from behind and inside uke's leg is illegal in judo and punishable by hansoku-make.

There is a reaping action in judo that is considered dangerous enough that if you attempt it, you will get hansoku-make, whether uke gets injured or not.

The IJF calls it “reaping the supporting leg” but that doesn’t adequately explain the action. To be more detailed and precise, this is what the illegal reap entails:

1. It is done when your opponent is attempting a front throw.
2. You are behind him and you reap his supporting leg from inside.
3. You could say it’s a kind of ouchi-gari from behind uke.

The rationale for banning this kind of reaping action is that it could hurt uke’s supporting leg. His knee could get locked and if both fall to the ground, his knee could get broken.

This kind of infraction doesn’t happen often in judo but occasionally you do see it. It’s never done on purpose of course. But it’s still a penalty.

Here’s a breakdown from a case of this happening at the recent European Championships in Sofia:

Watch the video clip of this illegal reap.

Here is a breakdown of the reap in question: