Nyman is still peaking

Nyman wins bronze, 35 years after his mother won the last World medal for Sweden.

Marcus Nyman of Sweden is already 30 years old. But with two back-to-back Grand Slam gold medals earlier this year (in Tblisi and Antalya), Nyman is having one of the best years of his career. And, his recent World Championships bronze medal proves that he is not slowing down. (At the 2019 World’s, he had gotten fifth place).

Judo is in his genes. The last person to bring home a world medal for Sweden was none other than his mother, Elizabeth Karlsson, who won a silver in 1986. 

Nyman is one of the few world-class judokas who actually has a job outside of judo. And it’s not a part-time job. He works full-time, building elevators. His working hours are 7am to 4pm. After that, he goes to judo.

Swedish National Coach, Robert Eriksson, says that despite the federation’s countless efforts to support Marcus, he prefers to carry on with his full-time construction job. He only misses work when he goes for competitions.

“He loves it, he doesn’t want to do anything else and I think this gives him a good balance in life and that makes him successful,” says Eriksson. “He has been doing this throughout his sporting career. It’s not about money, it’s about his lifestyle, what he wants to do and what gives him harmony in life.”

True to form, the Monday after winning his World bronze medal, Marcus was back to work.

(Based on an article by Grace Goulding, IJF)