Riner’s brand new judogi

FIGHTART judogi by Teddy Riner.

There’s a new branded judogi in town, called FIGHTART, and this EJU- and IJF-approved brand is brought to you by none other than the great Teddy Riner.

If you watched the Tokyo Olympics judo competition, you might have noticed Riner wearing a judogi with a distinctive “R” logo on his upper sleeve. That’s the FIGHTART judogi making its debut.

According to Riner, he is not just an ambassador but is co-owner of the brand, and was very involved in the development of the judogi: “From the beginning, I took part in the development by trying several prototypes, which I directly gave my feedback on after the training.”

So, what makes FIGHTART any different from other judogi brands out there? Here’s what Riner says:

“There’s a plethora of brands but none of them really corresponds to our approach and philosophy. With no disrespect, all brands propose more or less the same products. FIGHTART proposes something extra, either in terms of product design, embellishment or functionality. From an aesthetic standpoint, we have really incorporated a ‘touch of art’ in each of our equipment, thanks to the collaboration of authentic artists and designers. FIGHTART brand intends to propose something that has never been seen before, while keeping the best standards in terms of product features.”

if you are keen to find out more about this new judogi and want to visit its website, you’re going to have to wait though. It’ll only launch by the end of this year and will be fully functional in 2022.